A new artful journey…

I’ve been working in a first school for 10 years – the longest I think I have been in any job! I love working with children, witnessing that ‘lightbulb’ moment as understanding dawns never gets old. Just as pleasing is when a child who has been working very hard makes a quiet improvement and is, maybe for the first time, proud of the work they’ve produced.

Sadly though, it seems that art, my very favourite subject, is slowly being squeezed out. For a long time it has been seen as expendable in a crowded curriculum, policy makers not seeming to understand the value of free creativity as a basis for learning.

So, to preserve my sanity and because life is short, I have decided to embark on a new journey – as a travelling artist and crafter, taking my arty skills into Primary and First schools around the beautiful county of Northumberland. Devising lessons and workshops has been great fun and I can’t wait to share them. I have my first workshop at Throckley Primary School this week and will post about it later.

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