A Delicate Balance

During October I will be exhibiting at Robinson-Gay Gallery on Market Street Hexham with a group of Hexham artists. Our exhibition is called  ‘A Delicate Balance’.

At a time when some people still think the climate crisis is somehow not real, we wanted to show how delicately balanced the natural world is, how close to disaster we are. At the same time, a story of extinction and crisis is difficult to hear so we wanted to celebrate the beauty and diversity of natural life. We have to be aware of just what we will lose if we don’t all take responsibility for it. This is the ‘Delicate Balance’ – between pessimism and activism; between beauty and devastation; between fear and celebration.

I was inspired by reading a dystopian novel called Station Eleven by Emily StJohn Mandel where a troupe of actors and musicians tour a post apocalyptic north american landscape trying to keep alive the aspects of human culture they value and miss. I wanted to celebrate in some way the mind bending diversity of non-human life that we utterly take for granted. I devised the idea of an Extinction Masquerade where humans could mourn and celebrate the animals we’ve crowded out.

I will be showing a small selection of these animals, from a tropical tree frog to a more familiar, but no less endangered, badger. They are all wearable masks but also look good on the wall





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