Throckley Primary

Sea felting

On May 13th I made my way to Throckley Primary School for a wet felting session with Mrs Wright and Yr1.

As we set up for the session one or two children snook in to take a peek at the exotic ‘artist’ who was coming in to visit them. We had a group of 38 children with a couple of teachers and assistants. They listened intently and obviously couldn’t wait to get started. The children really enjoyed the soft feel of the wool roving – calling it ‘cobwebby’ and ‘candy floss’.

Using luscious blues and greens they laid out the background for their sea themed piece, then made a picture in contrasting colours – lots of pink jellyfish, orange octopuses and the odd, rather ambitious ship! Then came the hard work -the wetting, soaping and rubbing that turns fluff into felt. Some sang along with sea shanties as if they were scrubbing the deck!

We had visits from curious teachers and the Head – I hope she was impressed by the focussed, industrious atmosphere.

We ran out of time for the final fulling session where the felt is rinsed in hot then cold water then rolled and rubbed in bubble wrap to make it shrink and properly felt together. The teachers did this the following Monday and were very happy with the result.

Mrs Wright told me the children really enjoyed their session and it was good to have an art activity they hadn’t tried before. You can see a lovely gallery here.

If you’d like a similar workshop for your school or group please get in touch.


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